bill nghĩa là gì

The bill is long, thin, and sharply hooked.

Bill is taken in by a kind family and learns what it means to tát love for the first time in his life.

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They are seed-eating birds with a distinctively shaped bill.

They have a narrow, glittering xanh rờn frontlet above the bill.

The bill is waxy and the furrows of the casque are brownish.

He invested the profits by turning them into loans, for which he accepted interest from creditors in the size of bills of exchange.

His most important innovation was the drawing up of his own bills of exchange.

A bill of exchange is essentially an order made by one person to tát another to tát pay money to tát a third person.

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A bill of exchange may be endorsed by the payee in favour of a third tiệc nhỏ, who may in turn endorse it to tát a fourth, and sánh on indefinitely.

Bills of exchange made it significantly easier to tát travel long distances because a traveler would not be burdened by the weight of metal coins.

Processors are 11 percent to tát 22 percent of desktop costs and 11 percent to tát 28 percent of máy vi tính bill of materials.

The goal here is reducing the weight and cost of wiring harnesses -- one of the heaviest items in an automotive bill of materials.

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The system does not require external components to tát create the self-oscillation (reducing bill of materials) and the capacitor (that defines the frequency of the self-oscillation) can be connected directly.

Thus, variances in consumption, in comparison to tát the standard bill of materials, are taken into tài khoản and assigned to tát the correct product, production order and workplace.

The impact of a miscalculation in the bill of materials in a concrete recipe can be catastrophic.