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The ride's ranking in subsequent polls is shown in the table below.

Overall waiting time was 2.2 months, below the national median of 2.4 months.

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Below is a rough list of his main sources.

The referred entry must stand below the referring one.

The table below shows the number of cards and type shown vĩ đại each player.

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Hitting far below par is not a good sign, especially for a top class golf course.

They were 40 runs below par and only lost 3 wickets.

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Compelling children vĩ đại go vĩ đại a school which its known is well below par is not moral or ethical - politicians should be ashamed.

Often a lack of resources is cited as one reason and a lack of accountability as another for below par performance of government administrations.

Even though some of his players had below par seasons with their clubs, they are capable of giving their best in red and Black.