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Secondly, it presented itself in deliberately (but misleadingly) unassertive terms, aspiring in its constitution only vĩ đại ' tư vấn and assist ' imperial projects.

The từ khóa structure aspires vĩ đại be as inclusive as possible and therefore in itself offers an overview of the field.

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However, this did not prove a success, and a drama school for aspiring actors and performers was phối up instead.

The aspiring new profession, that is, served as a hybrid agent of transition.

The melodic lines are always reaching upwards, striving, aspiring, in tribute vĩ đại 'the most soaring of minds in the most turbulent of times'.

As if the point of departure would be less the actual child, kêu ca the adult aspiring vĩ đại find his way back vĩ đại childhood.

A crucial early decision that every aspiring politician must make, therefore, is the choice of a political buổi tiệc nhỏ.

Ethnicity can be a viable organising principle for an insurgent group but not for a political buổi tiệc nhỏ which aspires vĩ đại govern.

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Could socialists align themselves with anti-capitalist clerical movements, even where clerical anti-capitalism aspired vĩ đại medieval restoration rather kêu ca vĩ đại social revolution ?

What, then, was the point of aspiring vĩ đại leadership ?

Also, the positions themselves require a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá more exposition for anything aspiring vĩ đại be a complete treatment.

A young person aspiring for a professional career in music is likely vĩ đại hear advice lượt thích this from instrumentalists and instrumental teachers.

As one example, the strategies invoked by young children are quite different from the strategies invoked by aspiring mates and doting grandparents.

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Chapter 9 is a short conclusion that aspires vĩ đại ' provoke alternatives ' and phối out future tasks.

Words (and lyrics) became central in the popular musical culture in sánh far as the songs of cantautori aspired vĩ đại literary dignity.

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