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Total instances annotated in both training and test corpora.

These programs rely on the user to lớn annotate the loops, and provide assistance only in proving the correctness of the annotations.

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Hence, it is imperative that users can properly annotate overlap and that the tool properly displays the overlap.

The units of the variables are annotated in the figure.

For example, one could first segment a dialogue into utterances, then annotate disfluencies, and then tag the utterances with speech acts.

Each volume of this fully annotated bibliography contains references to lớn virtually all serious writing on music within a given year.

In the case of the conditional, only the operation annotating the conditional in figure 5 can make a difference with respect to lớn our analysis.

Gestures and postures are annotated and synchronisation is assessed to lớn the syntactic structure of concomitant speech.

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Another important use of linear mappings is to lớn annotate hypergraphs.

It should always be borne in mind that annotating, recording, reflecting, and commenting are all optional extensions to lớn the reading experience.

If a consent size is present with a patient signature, and all potential side effects are clearly annotated, it is a good starting point.

The reports are annotated and accompanied by four hundred illustrations.

As a consequence, he has to lớn define a translation from annotated terms to lớn pure terms that implies the strong normalisation of annotated terms.

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To annotate a repair, the user highlights a sequence of words and then tags the sequence as a reparandum or an editing term.

The data consists of texts in which (co)references have already been solved and annotated by human judges.

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