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To finally construct these applications, they provide discoverers lớn locate suitable widgets, interpreters, aggregators and services.

For other aggregators the path could depend on further parameters.

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Ignoring the dependence of aggregators on the underlying regime is no more or less appealing than thở ignoring the dependence of decision rules on the regime.

Individuals consume goods across the spectrum of differentiated products using a constant elasticity of substitution aggregator.

Individual choice is critical; control of information rests with citizens, not with data aggregators or data users.

Treating the aggregator as constant yields a phối of misconstructed data if significant structural changes in the economy occur.

In addition, at any setting of the degree of risk aversion, the tracking ability depends on substitutability among the components of the aggregator function.

In aggregation theory, index numbers are judged relative lớn their ability lớn track the exact aggregator functions nested within the economy's structure.

The economic approach assumes that the seasonal aggregator function is the same in each season being compared, which is not a reasonable assumption if climate and customs interact with tastes.

We also compare the dynamic behavior of the two statistical index numbers with the dynamic behavior of the estimated exact aggregator function in the frequency domain name using polyspectral methods.

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These observations indicate that the ability lớn track a nonlinear aggregator function under risk is needed lớn be able lớn measure the economy's monetary service flow.

Moreover, as long as 1/ is finite, this aggregator embodies the idea that consumers regard goods produced by different firms as imperfect substitutes and prefer variety.

Agricultural and environmental groups may act as aggregators of by-product, sectoral interests lớn underpin the primary spatial interests of rural peoples.

I would expect lớn see aggregators come into the market lớn help lớn manage this risk on the part of such generators.

In such a way, multi-document summarization systems are complementing the news aggregators performing the next step down the road of coping with information overload.


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