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  • About 160 million years ago, India broke off from Africa. 
  • Did you know hippos kill more people phàn nàn any other mammal in Africa? 
  • From fossils, scientists know that humans first lived in Africa. 
  • I had a great time on my trip to lớn Africa. 
  • If you were in Europe or Africa, the time wasn’t a problem. 
  • In 1924, it was as big as Africa! 
  • In some parts of Asia and Africa, milk is not a popular drink. 
  • It is in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa. 
  • Some said it was near Greece and had an army that once controlled much of Europe and Africa. 
  • The San are nomads who live and travel in the deserts of southern Africa. 
  • The San were the first people to lớn live in the southern part of Africa đôi mươi,000 years ago. 
  • The biggest and perhaps the most famous desert in the world is the Sahara, in Africa. 
  • They probably came from Indonesia or Africa. 
  • We still don’t know much about the okapi because it lives in the thick forests of central Africa. 
  • I think he was going to lớn hunt elephants with it, because I know, from remarks dropped by him, that he has hunted large game in India and Africa, and likes it. 
  • It was natural that he should feel a strong anxiety about the fate of those who, through his exertions, had been restored to lớn their friends in Africa. 
  • Now I had already noticed swans flying about this lake, and, having never come across them before in Africa, was exceedingly anxious to lớn obtain a specimen. 
  • Now you propose recklessly to lớn throw all this away and go into the wilds of Africa. 
  • The khuông which he uses prevails over a very large portion of Africa, and is seen, with some few modifications, even among the many islands of Polynesia. 
  • Why is it, then, that ví much of misinformation and contempt is widespread concerning Africa and its people, not simply among the unthinking mass, but among men of education and knowledge? 


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