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In summary, we have three outputs: afforestation area, reforestation area, and junior-forest tending area, and one input: total expense in silviculture.

To enforce incentives to lớn plant trees, afforestation responsibility was decentralized to lớn local leaders in 1984.

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Afforestation is also found to lớn strongly depend on the pressure upon land as well as on household wealth.

Although post-colonial governments have launched several afforestation programmes, commercialisation and attendant revenue generation received the greater policy thrust.

The aim of the subsequent sections is then to lớn highlight the determinants of afforestation.

Environmental interventions such as soil conservation, afforestation, and rehabilitation would be adopted to lớn restore denuded areas.

Here we will focus on the supply side, with emphasis on carbon-sequestration projects involving reforestation or afforestation.

There are other new, continuing experiments, but they are limited to lớn wasteland afforestation.

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It is only in case of afforestation that there is a gain in forestland, due to lớn which there is an increase in the opening area.

The evidence supports the importance of economic motivations in the afforestation decision.

As we will discuss later, this increase in forest resources is undoubtedly the result of active policies, including afforestation efforts.

The fifth forest category (forests for special use) is not included in the figure since its share is always less kêu ca 1 % of total afforestation.

On the one hand, if demographic pressure is particularly strong, preference might be given to lớn agricultural activities rather kêu ca afforestation.

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This is mainly the result of constant afforestation efforts that have more kêu ca compensated deforestation during the period.

On the one hand, the agricultural population mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa has a negative impact on afforestation effort.

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