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The parties filed over 60 affidavits and supporting material of over 1,000 pages.

Nevertheless, these affidavits incorporate the present perfect lớn represent the time of the action in these narratives.

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He was able lớn delay the trial for a year by tendering an affidavit that a crucial witness was abroad.

The paralegal interrupts with a question lớn help the applicant focus on information needed for the resolution section of the affidavit.

Each affidavit has a skeletal narrative outline or frame that begins with an orientation and ends with a resolution.

These narratives most closely resemble the narrative structure required by the affidavit.

In this case, what we find in the affidavit is a combination of a superstratum-induced and subsequent substratum-induced change.

The resolutions of protective order affidavits, then, rather kêu ca being the outcome of a series of events narrated, are really a plea for legal help.

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In speech act terms, they work at ensuring that the felicity conditions of an affidavit are met.

The narratives were collected from newspapers, letters, and affidavits.

A total of 73 interviews, 45 of which yielded affidavits, were collected from this site.

Just 67 cases which relate lớn child or spouse custody have affidavits which survive for the period 1738 lớn 1800.

He said, get an affidavit, photo of marriage and certificate from temple and come back.

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The affidavit is meant lớn pre-empt such moves, although it may easily be dismissed by the police if they so sánh desire.

In some of the cases cited from the affidavits (b and c above, for example), the use of the pluperfect is not necessarily nonstandard.

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